Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wishes on the wall

Wallwisher allows us to post thoughts in the form of stickys on "walls". This is useful as if we are doing projects, we can share our thoughts via this website. The only bad thing about this is the character limit. We can post notes consisting of not more than 160 characters, and thus we are limited to short notes.We can use this in CCAs to tell other members of activities we could do for the CCA.

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Among all these applications, Facebook is my favourite as it can be used as a platform for people all around the world to communicate and we can also use it to play games and post videos and photos of places we have visited and as well as letting our friends know what we are thinking.

How I feel about this blog

I think that blogging is just like writing an online diary. Although it was quite fun, I ran into some problems, but on the whole, I think it is a thing of the present, and hopefully, the future.
_How blogging can be part of our learning at SST_
Blogging can be used in case of any situations that prevent us from going to school, in which we can receive tasks to do via the internet.

When my parents received the call from SST saying that I had been accepted into SST, I couldn't believe my ears. Finally, after 3 weeks of waiting, I got into this school!